Stand and Spigot

Using the Stand and Spigot

Here are the instructions to attach the spigot to the neck of your three or five gallon water jug:
Step one: remove the cap. There is a pull tab on the cap, you just pull this away from the bottle, and it will peel off three quarters of the way. Then just pull up, and the cap is off of the bottle.

North on the Spigot (reference photo)

Step two: make sure the notch on the ring of the spigot (reference the photo) is lined up with the lever.
Step three: place the spigot on the top of the bottle, with the notch and the lever lined up with the handle of the jug.
Step four: This is the important part: Only turn the ring around the spigot one full rotation. Do not go further than that. If you turn it too far, the spigot becomes jammed on the top of the bottle and it can be very difficult to remove.
Finally, carefully place the jug down on the cradle with handle pointing upward. This will ensure the level is positioned properly, making the stand and spigot easy to you.