Under the Counter Drinking

SASI offers Under the Counter water filtration systems tailored to your specific water condition needs

Glass of Drinking Water

  • Detailed Water Analysis
  • Professionally installed under a kitchen sink counter with a custom filtration faucet installed next to the sink
  • With only the filtration faucet visible, the filter, its housing and the water line connections are all located under the sink in the cabinet
  • This installation option is barely noticeable and lends an unobtrusive touch to having pure, clean water
  • Sediment, Carbon, and Reverse Osmosis systems available
Under the Counter Drinking System

RO Drinking Water System Diagram

PuRO Twist Under Counter RO System


  • Certified Unit
  • Airgap Faucet
  • 3/8" from Tank to Faucet
  • Filter change 5x faster
  • Sterile encapsulated tank