Water Quality

SASI Water's Committment to Quality

SASI Spring Water maintains a HACCP Plan and is inspected by NSF annually. Our water is tested hourly to ensure safety and quality, and tested weekly by an independent lab.

SASI water is committed to providing quality, safe drinking water and ice. As a proud member of the Canadian Bottled Water Association, we follow the CBWA Model Code, which exceeds the regulations set out by federal and provincial governments.

Our commitment to water safety includes source water protection and monitoring, micro-filtration, and treatment through ultraviolet light and ozonation. We test our water in-house on an hourly basis, with daily bacteriological testing in-house and weekly bacteriological testing by an independent lab to ensure our water is safe for our customers.

Our plant operations are audited on an annual basis by a third party inspector to ensure compliance with the CBWA Model Code. Our water is analyzed on an annual basis by an independent lab to ensure it meets the strictest guidelines for water safety and quality.

For inquiries about water analysis, please contact us.

We are a member of the Canadian Bottled Water Association.